KITCH Social Club is a home away from home, a place where people can create their own stories, indulge in new and exciting emotions, and above all, just be themselves.

KITCH is for people who truly celebrate life. People who are easy going, and know how to enjoy the good things.

The club features both an indoor and outdoor area, with inviting nooks for intimate moments and comfortable spaces for larger gatherings.



We're not all about the party, though.
KITCH Social Club is also all about our modern European cuisine with a touch Asian exquisitness, adapted to your taste, by our master chef.


Photo Gallery

KITCH Social Club boasts the most extravagant parties on the Costa del Sol, as well as hosting art exhibitions, themed parties, international guest DJ´s and much more. You can find all the photos of our past events in our Photo Gallery.



KITCH Social Club members can dance the night away accompanied by the beat of our live music and DJ´s.


KITCH Social Club hosts regular weekly events, and monthly special featuring themed-parties, famous singers, musicians and popular DJ´s. Give us a call for more information.



You're only one step away.

Your membership card grants you exclusive access to the club. When you join KITCH, you will be gifted with premium seating reservations for either the restaurant or music programme.

In addition to this, members can invite up to four people with them for their nights out at KITCH Social Club. You can apply for membership online by filling out our registration form, and picking up your member´s card at the club.



Casa Rusia, 29660 Marbella, Málaga, Spain
Tel. +34 659 09 12 44 | e-mail.


Entrantes / Starters

(V) Vegetarian

  • Mi-cuit de atún rojo con nieve de foie Red tuna mi-cuit with foie snow
  • Navajas en tres salsas (v) Shellfish “Navajas” in three sauces
  • Dip de Salmorejo con verduritas impregnadas y verdel soasado (v) Salmorejo dip with impregnated vegetables and baked mackerel
  • Ensalada “Kitch House” con pulpo y langostinos, acompañada de patatas especiadas, tomatitos, huevos de codorniz y alioli de pimiento rojo (v) “Kitch House” Salad with octopus and shrimps. Served with baby potatoes, tomatoes, quail eggs and red pepper aioli
  • Crema de boniato con huevo escalfado y crujiente de jamón Sweet potato cream with poached egg and crispy ham
  • Rape rebozado con mayonesa japonesa y berros (v) Breaded monkfish with Japanese mayonnaise and watercress
  • Rollitos de primavera de pato y verduras con daikon encurtido y chutney de pimientos Duck and vegetables spring rolls with pickled daikon and pepper chutney
  • Brie rebozado con espinaca tierna, nueces, frutos rojos y aderezo de yogur griego Breaded brie cheese with spinach, walnuts, red berries and Greek yogurt dressing
  • Ensalada de aguacates, huevos, tomates, aceitunas kalamata, cebollas y queso feta (v) Salad with avocados, eggs, tomatoes, kalamata olives, onions and feta cheese

Plato principal / Main course

  • Pulpo a la parilla con patatas confitadas en leche de coco y almejas (v) Grilled octopus with candied potatoes in coconut milk and clams
  • Pappardelle caseros con almejas y tomates secos (v) Home made pappardelle with clams and dried tomatoes
  • Fettuccine con carabinero y pesto marino (v) Fettuccine with red prawns - carabineros and pesto sauce
  • Risotto con microalgas, mejillon, gambon y tobiko (v) Risotto with microalga, mussel, prawn and tobiko
  • Medallón de rape con setas shimeji blancas y almejas Monkfish medallion with shimeji mushrooms and clams
  • Tartar de solomillo de ternera al estilo francés French style sirloin beef tarter
  • Bacalao confitado con tomillo, verduras y salsa bullabesa (v) Cod fish with thymes, vegetables and bouillabaisse sauce
  • Pato glaseado a la miel y jengibre con fideos de cristal y tirabeques Duck glazed with honey, ginger, served with glass noodles and field pea
  • Hamburgesa al estilo Rossini con huevo benedict Rossini style hamburger with benedict egg
  • Cordero a la finas hierbas, mousse de berenjenas y setas shitake Lamb with herbs, aubergine mousse and shitake mushrooms
  • Solomillo de ternera con patata estilo Kitch y verduras Beef sirloin steak with Kitch style potatoes and vegetables
  • Cochinillo confitado con mousseline de manzana al anís y ensaladilla de berros Suckling pig with apple mousseline and watercress salad


  • Lava de Mango con helado de pistacho Mango fondant with pistachio ice cream
  • Tarta de queso con culis de frambuesa Cheesecake with raspberry sauce
  • Golden Sacher tarta con sorbet de mojito Golden Sacher with mojito sorbet
  • Helados Variados Mixed homemade ice creams
  • El Kitch parfe merengado Kitch parfe meringue


  • Mojito Rum, Fresh Lime, Sugar, Fresh Mint, Soda

    Mojito FRESA
    Mojito PASSION
    Mojito Champagne
  • Caipiroska Passion Vodka, Fresh Lime, Sugar, Passion pure
  • Whiskey Sour Whiskey, Fresh Lemon juice, Sugar syrup
  • White Russian Kahlúa, Vodka, Cream
  • Bahama Mama Rum, Malibu, Banana liquor, Grenadine, Orange juice, Pinapple juice
  • Long Island Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, Lemon juice, Coca-Cola
  • BelLini Prosecco, Peach juice
  • Tequila Sunrise Tequila, Orange juice, Grenadine
  • Cuba Libre Rum, Lime juice, Coca-Cola
  • Margarita Tequila, Triple sec, Lime juice
  • Piña colada Malibu, Rum, Pineapple juice, Cream
  • Bramble Gin, Lime juice, Sugar, Licor de Mora
  • White Swiss Patron XO Cafe, Vodka, Milk, Sugar, White Chocolate
  • Special Evoke Vodka, Orange juice, Rum, Sugar, Blue Curacao, Strawberry liquor
  • Porn Star Martini Vodka, Passion fruit liquer, Passion fruit pure, Vanilla, Shot of Champagne
  • Adios Amigos Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, Grenadine, Sprite
  • Kirk Royale Champagne, Creme de cassis
  • Old Fashioned Burbon, Angostura bitter, Brown sugar, Soda


  • Behike BHK 56
  • Cohiba Coronas Especiales
  • Cohiba Pirámide Extra
  • Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios
  • Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchills
  • ROMEO Y JULIETA Pirámides Añejados
  • Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills
  • H Upmann Magnum 50
  • Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales
  • Partagas Serie D No. 4
  • Monte Cristo Edmundo Tubos
  • Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2


Classic tobacco leaf:

Adalya, Serbetli, Hakhla Classic, Afzal.

  • Classic Savoury berry cocktail, served in the clay bowl set with water and ice.
  • Milk Sky Milk flavor with notes of honey melon, fresh strawberry and mint. Served in the clay bowl.
  • Apple Breeze Pleasant combination of watermelon, lemon and vanilla flavors in the apple bowl.
  • Infiniti Flavors of Japanese cherry and wild plum complement each other in the fresh orange bowl.
  • Sunny Fresh All-time mix in a fresh grapefruit creates a magic extravaganza of flavors.
  • Brutal Daring combination of citrus flavors with red wine and pomegranate syrup in the orange bowl.
  • Glass Grapefruit The fresh grapefruite bowl; rum, juice, lime and mint in the vase.
  • Space Exquisite mix of mango, coconut, pineapple and mint in the grapefruit bowl.
  • Van Gogh Fantastic flavor of red apple, guava, strawberry and kiwi in the grapefruit bowl over green mint syrup.
  • Island Of Dreams Unique combination of kiwi, grapes, and orange in the grapefruit bowl.
  • Ruby Kiss Bowl of fresh garnet, cherry syrup with cognac in flask.
  • Tropic Fruit mix in ripe pineapple with liquor "Malibu".

Premium tobacco leaf:

  • Fumari +2€
  • Daily Hookah +5€
  • Iguana +2€
  • Apache +2€
  • DarkSide +5€
  • Tangiers +5€
  • D-mini +2€
  • D-Gastro +2€
  • Just smoke +5€


*All Shishas are made on Pineapple or Grapefruit
*Adding Alcohol in the base? (Extra 5EUR)


Jhon Doe
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Jhon Doe
Od moluptat ad quas ea seque corehendia inctem excepud andior accus, volorro et qui ad evereperro
Jhon Doe
Od moluptat ad quas ea seque corehendia inctem excepud andior accus, volorro et qui ad evereperro maionse quatur audit
Jhon Doe
Od moluptat ad quas ea seque corehendia inctem excepud andior accus, volorro et qui ad evereperro moluptat ad quas ea seque corehendia inctem excepud andior accus, volorro et qui ad evereperro maionse quatur audit
Jhon Doe
Od moluptat ad quas ea seque corehendia inctem excepud andior accus, volorro et qui ad evereperro maionse quatur audit

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